Universal power systems

Electrical, Technical & Facility Management for your Business.

Universal power systems

Electrical, Technical & Facility Management for your Business


About Us

We provide electrical solutions for both industrial and commercial establishments. Our technicians are committed to providing long-term solutions by keeping your machinery running smoothly. We also install, repair, and maintain a full spectrum of electrical equipment. With a zero downtime guarantee on our workmanship and after-sales support, we will ensure that the smooth operation of the machinery is maintained. We offer prompt service at competitive rates with our goal being customer satisfaction.

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We mitigate the effects of power failures, electrical shorts, broken machinery, and other damages caused by electrical faults. We replace parts quickly and efficiently to ensure your production line is never down for long. We offer prompt installation of electrical equipment, so you can be sure your building is safe for operation.

What we Do

Our Services


Maintenance Services

Whether you own a small, medium, or large company, keeping your buildings, premises,s and facilities in good working condition is crucial if you want to retain customers…..


Commercial Services

Finding a commercial services provider that offers affordable power and maintenance solutions for your company can be a frustrating task. It’s


Residential Services

You need an electrician but with so many on the market which one do you choose? At Universal Power Systems, we know how it feels to be constantly ripped off or ignored by electricians.


House-keeping Services

Most people commonly believe that housekeeping is a menial job. This results to low productivity of their officers and staffs since they have low morale. There


Mall Management

Inadequate maintenance and repair of malls and other commercial spaces makes it often inaccessible and inconvenient to the public.


Consulting Services

We provide professional advice to our clients from power generation to hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical applications

Why Choose Us?

Clean and efficient power has always been our priority. This is why we established Universal Power Systems; we want to see a day when every home in Nigeria is equipped with quality power supply for them to provide a better living. We are the leading budget friendly electricity service providers in Nigeria that specialize in electrical maintenance, repair and installations. We are:

• Budget-friendly
• Best quality
• Quick and timely service
• Experienced professionals