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We mitigate the effects of power failures, electrical shorts, broken machinery, and other damages caused by electrical faults


We provide a variety of electrical maintenance services including annual maintenance contracts (AMCs), reactive maintenance services, routine testing of power plants, substations and light fittings as well as electrical wiring for buildings and total facility management (TFM). We also provide Inverters, solar systems, industrial UPS support and service.

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Maintenance Service

Whether you own a small, medium or large company, keeping your buildings, premises and facilities in good working condition is crucial if you want to retain customers. Living up to this expectation isn’t easy and it often means spending time and money on scheduled maintenance.

Technical Support

Our team is comprised of expert professionals who are able to provide technical support services to assist clients with most technology-related issues; from software, networking, and security to hardware and infrastructure. These include the following:

House-Keeping Services

Most people commonly believe that housekeeping is a menial job. This results to low productivity of their officers and staffs since they have low morale. There are many people who do not want to take up the responsibility of cleaning their offices, houses and public facilities and this makes the work very hard for our employees.

Mall Management

Inadequate maintenance and repair of malls and other commercial spaces makes it often inaccessible and inconvenient to the public. Malls are meant to be lively public places which encourage commerce and recreational activities. Places you can take your family, have a coffee or shopping depending on the mall type. However, due to lack of adequate maintenance and repair this is often not achieved.

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We work as a dedicated team of experts to offer customized solutions for indoor and outdoor facilities comprising of homes, commercial, and office spaces.