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A Predictable End Result

We promise to deliver quality and value in all we do at Universal Power System. Our expertise spans many decades and countless challenging environments. We’ll discuss your challenges. Then, together, we’ll come up with a useful solution.

Our objective is to give our clients value for their money and to convince all through qualitative and innovative services and efficiency coupled with timely execution of projects with adequate customer support and after-sales services. Find below our service category:


Our Expertise


Maintenance Services

Whether you own a small, medium or large company, keeping your buildings, premises and facilities in good working condition is crucial if you want to retain customers. Living up to this expectation isn’t easy and it often means spending time and money on scheduled maintenance.

Wherever you are in Nigeria, we can make sure that the parts of your building that matter are in good condition and working well; saving you time, hard work and more money than the cost of our services.


Commercial Services

Finding a commercial services provider that offers affordable power and maintenance solutions for your company can be a frustrating task. It’s not like you can’t do without it, but every company needs it in some way or the other. Besides, how do you know the commercial services provider you are currently using is providing good service? What if they are stealing your money by giving you low quality service at high cost?

When your business needs quality service for clear thought, Universal Power Systems Nigeria Ltd provides that customized, reliable solutions to companies across a wide range of industries. Our range of commercial services includes commercial security services, commercial maintenance services, commercial housekeeping, and energy conservation delivered by a team of professionals well-versed in their domain.


Residential Services

You need an electrician but with so many on the market which one do you choose? At Universal Power Systems, we know how it feels to be constantly ripped off or ignored by electricians. We also know how stressful it is to deal with their inconsistent charges and poor customer service. We are here to help. As a leading electrical services provider in Nigeria, we have developed a systematic approach towards electricity solutions in Nigeria.

We created our Residential Services offering specifically for homeowners looking for an honest reliable electrician at an affordable price. We offer residential services for clients who need residential cleaning services, residential security services, residential housekeeping services, and other facility management.

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House-keeping Services

Most people commonly believe that housekeeping is a menial job. This results to low productivity of their officers and staffs since they have low morale. There are many people who do not want to take up the responsibility of cleaning their offices, houses and public facilities and this makes the work very hard for our employees.

We offer excellent personnel and machinery so that they can provide the best service to our customers who are very critical in ensuring efficiency and providing a germ free environment. We can help you with janitorial services like residential housekeeping services, office housekeeping services, commercial housekeeping services and other facility management.


Mall Management

Inadequate maintenance and repair of malls and other commercial spaces makes it often inaccessible and inconvenient to the public. Malls are meant to be lively public places which encourage commerce and recreational activities. Places you can take your family, have a coffee or shopping depending on the mall type. However, due to lack of adequate maintenance and repair this is often not achieved.

At Universal Power Systems Limited, we offer an affordable solution for maintenance of malls in Nigeria. We provide effective solutions keeping your mall(s) in great working shape at all times. We do everything from pest control to cleaning the floors so people want to frequent your mall during regular business hours while keeping it safe at all hours.


Building Maintenance

Maintaining a building is a challenging task; from construction to maintenance. It requires many skills and must be carried out by qualified personnel in a safe manner that prevents physical and financial damage. This is where Universal Power Systems Limited comes in, to provide the best building maintenance services to its clients. Our services are specifically tailored for buildings of all sizes, and your satisfaction is our priority. We aim to ensure that all facilities are being maintained in good condition at all times so they can be properly utilized by their owners.

Our building maintenance services includes thorough maintenance of Elevators & Escalators, Transformers, DG Sets, AC Plants, Fire Fighting System & Equipments, Security Equipments, BMS System, Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant, with the latest techniques and equipment.


Maintenance Professionals Recruitment

Finding the best maintenance professionals for your power systems can be difficult. Recruitment agencies are sometimes unreliable. The approach from the individuals themselves can be a hit or miss affair, not to mention time consuming. With Universal Power Systems Nigeria Limited – we take the pain away! Our recruitment specialists provide you with a steady and reliable stream of mechanical, electrical and instrument maintainers from whom you can choose who you feel will perform well in your organization.

At Universal Power Systems Nigeria Limited, we have years of experience in the power industry and are focused delivering tailored solutions to our Clients. You will find our team flexible, knowledgeable, professional and highly qualified that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals fast.


Consulting Services

We provide professional advice to our clients from power generation to hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical applications. With our in-depth knowledge on power plant inspection we are able to communicate with our client on their terms and give them the insight they need to make crucial decisions on the capacity of power plant to acquire based on the power need of their infrastructure and how to maintain the generator for optimal use.


Technical Support

Our team is comprised of expert professionals who are able to provide technical support services to assist clients with most technology-related issues; from software, networking, and security to hardware and infrastructure. These include the following:

  • Technical support for generator servicing
  • Use branded parts and service
  • Offer ongoing maintenance plans
  • Use simple service plans.

Sales and Distribution Services

Our sales group deals in the sales and supply of various equipment needed to generate power and provide uninterrupted service. This group carries out the following assignments:


  • Supply, installation and commissioning of generating sets of various capacity ranging from 75KV A. 2000KV A.
  • Advise clients on their power backup requirement.
  • Supply of Industrial power Backup Batteries.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of uninterruptible power supply system as a backup incase of total failure.
  • Advise on the continuous improvement on the power supply systems.
  • Advise on improvement in the technology and the advantage it offered ill their power consumption.
  • Advise on the economic utilization of power and other energy in order to reduce their cost of living for individual and overhead cost for industries.